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"Making human connections impactful for a democratized ecommerce"

We are building the best ecommerce experience helping the sellers increase their sales in a very noisy market while users can access to better prices.

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A great team for a big dream

We are recruiting the best talent in LATAM & Europe to become the leading company in social commerce. If you want to be part of this journey please contact us.

Revolutionizing ecommerce

We are the pioneers in latam in terms of group buying, social commerce and the connections among shoppers in the buying process. We are making commerce a social way to generate value to all participants.

Social is the new wave

Nowadays people are more connected that any other time in  history. It is time to create value in these connections. We at Coco are leveraging these connections to be part of the democratization of commerce in the world.

Solution for every participant

With our dynamic everyone wins. We believe that all parties must be getting value in order to create a balanced commerce situation where all are increasing their outcome.

We welcome all of our clients, investors, users and rest of stakeholders for the future of commerce.