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The new checkout flow that helps you convert your shoppers into influencers

Coco allows your clients to share, explore and purchase together creating a disruptive model that enables to boost your sales with the power of social commerce and word of mouth.


How it works?

1. The shopper enters to a product.

2. They select the group buy option.

3. They join the group and invite their friends through social media.

4. Once the group buy is completed the product is shipped to each customer.

Leverage from your clients network to increase sales

With our solution your customers became microinfluencers when sharing your products to their network. This way you can create an accelerated word of mouth to  obtain new clients and brand awareness.

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Easy, simple & fast

Our checkout API connects directly with your ecommerce operation. Inventory, logistics and payment methods are never affected. You just receive your orders and ship them as you normally do.

You gain traffic from our channels

Being our partner gives you the chance to access all of our users for them to buy from you. We have different alliances and traffic channels. The best part, you pay only for results.

Personalization for your needs

You can set up all your discounts, buying groups, products, timers and features that you want. We know you understand your customers and we provide you all the options for you to surprise them.


Hear it from our customers

"It really surprised me. It surpass my expectations. I did love the cross selling functionality because it increased my average ticket size and inventory turnover."

Fredy, CEO, Fad Fashion

How do we make your ecommerce life easier? 


Increase in convertion rates


Increase in sales per unit of product

Increase in average ticket size


 Abandoned carts improvement

             Traffic generation + Conversion optimization
Increase in overall sales 

Cheaper than google and faster than doing it by yourself

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With the right platform, everything is possible

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